Paros in 3D

Paros island in 3D

10 years ago, this small cycladic isle could only be reached by a very slow boat which travelled only if the weather allowed, and took about 7-8 hours to reach it…

20 to 25 years ago, electricity was introduced to the Parian homes and it was considered to be a miracle that they didn’t had to live on oil lamps anymore.

There are still homes which do not have connection to water or to telephone.

Yet, this small cycladic isle gets a 3D representation in a virtual world, a world that one can explore by having an avatar. A virtual world created with much love and dedication to promote this small island to the whole world, so that anyone can visit it without even having to stand up from their chair.

Welcome to my project Paros in 3D.

Navah Dreams, Nov.2010

About Navah Dreams

Navah Dreams is my virtual artistic character.
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