Paros in 3D

I would like to bring my experience into a project I call ‘Paros in 3D’. What can it be ‘Paros in 3D’?

I would like to start to bring the famous church ‘Panagia Ekatontapiliani’ into virtual reality so people get triggered to visit Paros our lovely island … not only for ‘the famous beaches’.

Do you want to sponsor me a little?

gartenundlandschaft_cardYou may ask, can Liliana do this? I can! See it published here: agra-park in 3D. Even if you may not be able to read the text as it was published in the German magazine “Garten und Landschaft” (Garden and Landscape), you can see my name there as the ‘garden architect’. I translate the short passage, that is quoted in the picture, for you: “Using ‘agra-Park in 3D’ you can visit in the computer different models of the park design: with a bridge or a tunnel. The technology of a walking environment is used by open simulator. You may visit via the internet.”

Here you can see in a Youtube video a museum that was built by the group ‘mechanic dreams’. I am a member of this art group based in London.

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